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We’ve helped create 100K+ productive users for:

Wolters Kluwer
Safe Software

Offer interactive learning experiences within your product.

Significantly improve customer satisfaction and product adoption by providing highly engaging self-service courses directly in your product including hands-on challenges and assessments.

more engaging

Make it easy for customers to become productive users.

Quickly increase the number of customers who learn how to use your product all on their own by enabling easy access to rich educational content, exactly when & where they need it the most.

More accessible

Tailor the training for each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Create customer-centric learning programs designed to ensure that users gain the most value out of your product across the customer journey by personalizing their training plans.

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Rapidly scale up your product education programs.

Provide all your customers with great learning experiences by scaling up your education, onboarding and enablement programs, while minimizing the need to schedule live 1:1 training sessions.

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How it works.

It’s easy to embed a fully branded academy inside your product by adding a code snippet. Once you’ve imported or created your content, just sit back and relax while your customers become productive users all on their own!

How it works

Provide education exactly when & where customers need it the most.

Your customers will quickly become productive once you provide them with rich on-demand content directly in the product so they have access to the training they need, exactly when and where they need it the most.

Interactive challenges

Interactive challenges

Provide structured “learning by doing” with hands-on exercises and assessments based on their product actions and activities.
Rich content

Rich content

Create the content customers need to succeed, or import it using SCORM, from theory to practice and everything in between.
Contextualized learning

Contextualized learning

Trigger the relevant content for each customer based on user segmentation, specific use cases, or the product area they’re in.
Data-driven optimization

Data-driven optimization

Maximize performance at the content, learner and group level based on the big picture view, as well as more granular analysis.
Management and branding

Management and branding

Offer fully branded and localized experiences while easily managing all the courses, chapters, lessons and tasks.
Ecosystem integration

Ecosystem integration

Integrate with customer-focused systems such as your CRM to receive segmentation data and send back customer health data.
Rocio Diskin

Strigo's powerful product education platform has helped us scale our training program throughout our fast growth, empowering us to continually drive high customer engagement.

Rocio Diskin,
Sr. Global Education Operations Manager