Case Study: Elastic scales customer education & grows its business

By: Aaron Gelbman


  • Elastic is an Enterprise search technology provider that was looking for an effective virtual training tool
  • Strigo’s unified solution enabled Elastic to grow and improve its training program, while improving operational and technical efficiencies
  • Elastic is seeing more customer training subscriptions, more license renewals, and increased customer satisfaction

In search of a scalable training tool that would turn users into experts

As a core framework for Enterprise search technologies, Elastic can only be as powerful as its users are. This is where training plays a critical role. By educating its customers, Elastic creates a community of expert users who help shape and improve the product, share best practices, build the brand, and ultimately drive business growth.

Elastic’s customers are developers who want to use the product themselves. They require high-quality, in-depth education in order to be successful, and are eager to learn all of the different use cases of the product before applying them in their own real-world environments.

As Nathan Zamecnik, Director of Education at Elastic, says: “Developers want to get their hands dirty. They want to go in there and play with things.”

Travel, time zones, and technical complexities

Elastic was investing a lot of time and money in face-to-face training, but they couldn’t keep up with customer demand or create a self-sustaining training department. With customers across six continents, Elastic needed the infrastructure to deliver around-the-clock availability and reliability. They needed a virtual environment that would accommodate different customer training preferences and provide individualized attention.

The divergence in training technologies used was also leading to wasted time on troubleshooting. Due to the size and complexity of training, Elastic needed to streamline its operations by adopting one unified training solution for all trainees. This would help prevent technical mishaps and create a better virtual lab experience.

One training environment for all customer needs

Strigo’s virtual training platform was a perfect fit for Elastic. It enables Elastic to focus on growing and improving its training program with a training subscription model that incorporates hands-on labs at all levels. 

Strigo’s consolidated platform makes training easier for customers as well, offering a consistent, personalized and optimized user experience. Elastic can bring multiple expert instructors into a training session, to provide a rich, multi-perspective learning experience, and trainers can track learners’ progress and provide one-on-one support when needed in a manner that’s non-disruptive to the other trainees. 

Strigo’s unified solution delivers improved operational and technical efficiencies, which not only meets all of Elastic’s current training needs, but also lays the foundation for future growth.

  • Strigo’s roadmap provides ongoing new feature releases
  • The platform allows for fast and easy training set-up
  • The training environment supports 24/7 labs, so customers always have access
  • Elastic customers easily enter the learning environment through their web browser, without any software installations
  • Virtual machines are automated in the platform, so there’s no time wasted with downloads or troubleshooting 
  • Strigo’s pay-as-you-go pricing model allows Elastic to continually test out new services and training options
  • The infrastructure is reliable and integrates with the existing LMS

Accessing the market’s best education subscription experience

With Strigo, Elastic’s customers can access the training program any time, any place, in a convenient and seamless manner. 

Customer satisfaction surveys show that virtual training is in fact rated higher than in-person training. Trainees choose from three education subscription packages, per their individual needs and budget, and they benefit from the flexibility of virtual training, adapted to fit their personal preferences and schedule.

Customers also report having a better experience with the brand and greater confidence in using the product. As confidence increases, customers become more valuable to Elastic as development partners. 

Increased business, increased growth

The company has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and has succeeded in growing its training operation, in parallel, to meet customer demand. Through training, Elastic has increased its customer training subscriptions and product license renewals, and will be able to keep growing its training program without any financial or technical limitations.

   Training management automation with Strigo means that more training can be administered, delivered and implemented without taking away from Elastic’s focus on training or product development. This enables the company to deliver an outstanding training experience, leading to greater customer success and more business growth for Elastic.

About Elastic

Elastic is a search company. It builds tools that enable customers to collect vast amounts of data, process that data, and then store it at scale in Elastic search. It also offers data analytics tools to help companies crunch their data and grow their businesses.

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