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Do your customers really know how to use your product?

Although each and every one of your customers should know how to best utilize your product for their specific needs, studies show that only about a third of them receive sufficient education. 

Why is this critical goal, which has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and product adoption, so difficult to achieve? The problem usually comes down to finding a good balance between the effectiveness of the training sessions and the scalability of the education programs. 

Why can’t your existing tools solve the problem?

Live training can be effective but it is not scalable which leads to repetitive 1:1 and group sessions that are resource- and time-intensive.

On-demand training can scale but isn’t effective since academies are typically difficult to access and only offer passive unengaging video-based training.

In-app tutorials work for specific functionality, but cannot provide the rich comprehensive training that customers really need to succeed.

Introducing product-led education!

There’s a way to ensure that all your customers receive sufficient education and are able to gain the most value out of your product. This new approach - called product-led education - focuses on learning that is:



Everything happens within your product, no extra steps required to reach the content users need.


Your customers get the product training they need exactly when and where they need it the most.


Your customers ‘learn by doing’ through highly engaging interactive content, exercises and assessments.


All the content customers need to succeed, from the theoretical ‘whys’ to the practical ‘hows’.


Rich training experiences that are tailored to each customer’s use case across their journey.


Every action is tracked so that you can optimize both the training paths and the learner journeys.

Ensure your learners’ success… and yours!

Significantly improve both customer satisfaction and product adoption by moving rich educational content into your product which is exactly when and where your customers need it the most to quickly become productive.

Ensure your learners' success and yours
More engaging

More engaging

Provide customers with the interactive hands-on experiences they need in order to learn everything about your product on their own.

More accessible

More accessible

Make it easy for your customers to become productive by moving training into the product, exactly where they need it the most. 

More dynamic

More dynamic

Make sure that customers gain the most value out of your product across their journey by personalizing and optimizing their training.

More effective

More effective

Quickly scale up your education, onboarding and enablement programs, while minimizing the need for live 1:1 training sessions.

Steve Fister

Very modernized and capable training environment for students and instructors alike. Strigo's team is very flexible and easy to work with and they are eager to accommodate our needs as a large enterprise, further enhancing the platform and our ability to deliver a complete training experience to customers, partners, and employees.

Tibco Testimonial
Steve Fister,
Site Reliability Engineer - Education at Tibco
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