Customer onboarding done right.

How many of your customers really know how to use your product?

How many of your customers really know how to use your product?

Introducing in-product learning - the key to onboarding success

In product learning key to onboarding success

Product onboarding that works quickly and efficiently

Speed up the onboarding process

Speed up the onboarding process

Your customers will enjoy their onboarding experience and quickly become productive users by utilizing the rich training content easily accessible to them in your product.
Improve product adoption

Improve product adoption

Provide all the education your customers need to succeed with highly engaging hands-on onboarding experiences that cover the theoretical ‘whys’ and the practical ‘hows’.
Lower resource requirements

Lower resource requirements

Highly effective in-product learning minimizes the need for repetitive 1-on-1 onboarding calls so the success team can focus on strategic tasks that really make a difference.
Increase customer lifetime value

Increase customer lifetime value

When you provide personalized product education to your entire user base, customers are able to make the most out of your product and their lifetime value quickly grows.
Marc DiPasquale, testimonial

Strigo’s recent analytics enhancements have greatly improved our ability to not only measure learner engagement at a high level for the entire session, but also the ability to dig into the details over time and see when learners are active and partaking in the class vs. losing interest. Insights like this help us identify what works and what doesn’t work, allowing us to continually improve our classes and provide more value to our learners.

Solace testimonial
Marc DiPasquale,
Director of Developer Advocacy at Solace
Strigo academy
Strigo Academy

The power of
in-product education.

Improve learner engagement and product adoption with hands-on learning experiences that happen in your product.

Customer education belongs in your product
Product-led Education

Customer education belongs in your product.

Discover a new approach to ensuring that all your customers are able to gain the most value out of your product.

Product education has evolved.

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