A New Way to Train

In-person Training with Strigo

Conduct professional in-person training sessions with in-browser cloud-based practice environments

  • Train anywhere

    No need to conduct your in-person training in dedicated, expensive computer classrooms. Conduct your training on a bring-your-own-laptop basis, minus the installations.

  • Set up in minutes

    Skip the typically cumbersome process of setting up all trainees’ workstations and provide each of them with a streamlined, zero-setup practice environment.

  • Streamlined environments

    The streamlined environments mean you never have to deal with version issues or closed ports again, leaving you to focus on your training, and nothing else.

  • Training assistants

    Designated training assistants can help take some of the pressure off the presenter by answering trainees’ questions and accessing their practice environments to resolve issues.

What’s the task at hand?

  • Delivering a workshop in a convention

    Get the most out of a short time slot usually given in conventions. Skip the hassle of setting up and focus on your training. Late attendees can easily jump in.

  • On-campus training

    Any room will do. Simply issue all attendees with their practice environments and begin the training.

  • Replacing an existing computer classroom

    Move to a much more flexible solution than classical computer classrooms system. If you are interested in this option, please contact us.

Strigo’s cloud based environments used in a workshop at DevOpsDays Amsterdam 2016

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