A better training experience for both you and your students

  • Save setup times

    Give a pre-configured, cloud-based lab for each student, skipping the setup process altogether.

  • Avoid blocked ports and firewalls

    Connection to the labs is done in a standard web browser with a secure URL.

  • Share training materials

    Easily share slides and other training materials with your students.

  • Manage students and communication

    An attendance list, private and public chat rooms are also available in the classroom.

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“My in-person workshops run much smoother now that I don't have to take care of any set-up issues, students just show up with their laptops and get a full blown lab environment in their browser.”

Sasha Goldstein @goldshtn

At a customer facility

Use Strigo when delivering training at a customer facility to remove your dependency on their IT team. Whether in a computer classroom or a meeting room with laptops, Strigo eliminates the need to reserve labs or deal with firewalls and blocked ports as it provides direct and secure, web-based access to the labs.

  • Lower dependency on IT team
  • No need to reserve labs in advance
  • Overcome network restrictions and firewalls

Ad-hoc at a conference

Save precious setup time and get your workshop going by sharing a single link. Strigo’s web-based classroom and labs doesn’t require any installations and runs smoothly even on low bandwidths. Don’t worry about the amount of students, Strigo will automatically provision a lab for each new student that enters the classroom.

  • Works great on low bandwidths
  • BYOD workshops with zero setup time

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