• Technical stacks

    Anything from a single application to complex stacks can run on Strigo’s cloud-based labs.

  • Desktop applications

    Direct access to your application with a full-blown remote desktop running inside the browser.

Avoid prerequisite installations and ensure all your students are on a streamlined environment

  • Auto-provisioning

    Each student automatically gets a lab when joining a session—no need reserve them in advance, and they scale easily.

  • Collaboration

    Multiple attendees can work together on the same lab.

  • Direct HTML5 access

    Connect to the cloud-based lab through a standard web browser with a secure URL. This helps avoid firewalls and blocked ports.

  • Lab catalog

    Save time by using one of our preconfigured labs.

  • Custom labs

    Create a reusable template VM for all your students.

  • Reliable and scalable

    Strigo leverages public cloud technology to deliver resources with great reliability and scalability.

״Just did an Ansible workshop using Strigo. So smooth! Not the usual 30 mins setup and downloads, 2 mins and all attendees were working!”

Erik Zaadi Team Leader and Community Ambassador at BigPanda

Choose between preconfigured labs or create your own

  • Lab catalog

    Ready-to-use operating systems, applications and development runtimes save you time and let you focus on your training.

  • Custom labs

    Create a reusable template VM for all your students.

Follow student progress, give exercises and collaborate through the classroom Integration

Our labs are integrated into the classroom, so you can deliver your entire session in a single place. From the classroom, you can monitor all the students’ labs and easily dive in to collaborate with them.

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