Simplify your hands-on training with live labs

Strigo’s cloud-based labs are automatically provisioned for students when they enter the classroom, letting you skip setup times and ensure all students are working in a streamlined environment.

Go way beyond lectures—let your students gain a deep understanding of the subject with live hands-on experience.

Customizable Labs

Engage your students in a classroom built for hands-on training

Strigo’s classroom saves you the trouble of juggling several tools to deliver your training. A centralized environment with training materials, lecturing tools, communication, and live labs.

Keep your students engaged with a mix of lecture and lab exercises, work with training assistants, monitor your students' progress, or dive into collaborative one-on-one sessions to troubleshoot a problem.

Strigo Classroom

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"Strigo helped us take our training efforts online, thanks to the integrated lab environments, we are able to conduct our workshops remotely, making Elastic's training available to more people around the world.”

Nathan Zamecnik Education Manager at Elasticsearch

There’s more to Strigo!

  • Course creator

    Combine your training materials with a lab to create amazing hands-on courses.

  • Event scheduler

    Set up private or public training events, and choose training assistants and attendees.

Train Your Students In-person or Remote

  • Remote training with Strigo

    Take even your most complex hands-on training online! Strigo makes it easy with streamlined environments, the ability to monitor students progress and collaborate with them to troubleshoot problems.

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  • In-person training with Strigo

    From a training session at a customer facility to ad-hoc workshops at a conference, Strigo can instantly provision as many training environments as you need, taking the hassle away from Bring Your Own Laptop training sessions.

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