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Virtual classroom meets zero‑setup practice environments

Cloud-based practice environments

Upon entering the classroom, each trainee automatically receives their own cloud-based practice environment. This environment is collaborative and contains everything the student needs to complete their hands-on practice.

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Communication & lecturing tools

Audio & Video communication

High end video communication with both private and public sessions

Embedded presentations

With selectable text and clickable links

Collaborative one-on-one sessions

Training staff members can easily join any of the trainees’ practice environments. They can start a private communication session and help troubleshoot any problems the trainee encounters.

Other features include

  • Private and public chat room

    The built-in chat client supports both private and public chat rooms and is a great way to communicate while in the classroom environment.

  • Multiple presenters

    Easily hand off the steering wheel to any member of the training staff. They instantly gain control over the entire classroom environment.

  • Invite to speak

    Attendees take an active role in the classroom. The presenter can invite attendees to speak in front of to the classroom and share their thoughts and questions.

  • Training assistants

    Designated training assistants can help take some of the pressure off the presenter by answering the trainees’ questions and accessing their practice environments to resolve issues.

Conduct your training in physical venues? Strigo’s got you covered!

Strigo is super useful in setting up training environments for in-person sessions! Use it for one time workshops or to replace your dedicated computer classroom.

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