Training Delivery

Better tools for better results.

Improve engagement and completion rates with Strigo’s VILT and on-demand eLearning environments.

VILT Platform

Eliminate digital barriers with live virtual classes.

Strigo’s live classroom with virtual labs has been designed for an immersive, hands-on training experience. Simple, engaging tools built for effective training delivery.

Present and teach_01

Present and teach

Seamlessly connect with learners through video, chat, learning materials, and the whiteboard.



Engage learners with labs, exercises, and breakout rooms, and see engagement levels in real-time.

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Monitor & assist

Deliver fast problem solving with 1:1 assistance, and sustain progress with ‘over the shoulder’ views.

Virtual labs

Best-in-class, industry- leading virtual labs.

Train flexibly and on any product, with zero limitations. Provide the best experience and training outcomes with Strigo’s virtual labs.


Preconfigured labs

Each student automatically gets a lab when joining a session.

Customizable labs

Customizable labs

You can also create a reusable VM template for all your learners.

Take back your time

Take back your time

Our preconfigured labs save you time and effort.

On-Demand Training

Scale your program to its full potential with on demand.

Strigo’s on-demand learning environments were built to deliver self-serve, hands-on learning experiences that let your customers learn about your product at their own pace.



Control the allotted hours and enrollment duration for each learner, and give learners the freedom to learn at their own pace.



Learners can go in and out of the learning environment without losing their place.

Monitor & assist

Monitor & assist

Easily monitor on-demand progress & offer assistance when needed.

Optimize Your lessons

Understand how learners are learning.

Optimize the impact of your training program and increase confidence with simple data insights.


Continue using your favorite tools with Strigo.

Easily sync your LMS and integrate Strigo with GitHub in a matter of minutes.


It's a cutting-edge VILT tool that ticks all boxes from easy implementation, ease of use, great UI, and stable technical performance.

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