Get true visibility into your training delivery.

Make more informed decisions, effectively optimize your program, and improve learner engagement and success with easy-to-action training insights.

Big Benefits

Powerful insights to optimize your training operation.


Improve your curriculum

See where and why learner engagement drops, so you know where and how to improve performance.
benefit tailor

Drive their success

See which learners need more assistance, then support them as needed.
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Empower your team

Replicate what your best trainers do and transform your team into top trainers.
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Measure the things that matter.

Content insights

Content insights

Get a detailed view of which moments and content in the course drive the most learner engagement and participation.

Trainer insights

Trainer insights

Track performance of trainers across your curriculum to see which ones drive the most engagement, and optimize your team’s overall performance.

Learner insights

Learner insights

See individual attendance records, participation levels, and engagement metrics throughout your course.


Strigo’s recent analytics enhancements have greatly improved our ability to not only measure learner engagement at a high level for the entire session, but also the ability to dig into the details over time and see when learners are active and partaking in the class vs. losing interest. Insights like this help us identify what works and what doesn’t work, allowing us to continually improve our classes and provide more value to our learners.

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  Director of Developer Advocacy at Solace

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