Zero-setup. Streamlined. Collaborative.

Integrated, In-Browser Virtual Labs for Hands On Practice

Hands-on practice happens inside the classroom

Hands-on practice takes place on pre-configured, cloud based environments. This requires no installations and happens behind the scenes – inside the browser. Trainees stay in the classroom environment during both theoretical and practical aspects of the training.

Trainees get powerful web-based tools to practice on

The cloud-based environments are accessed via web based tools found inside the environment. Each environment comes with a web based terminal and code editor.

Main benefits

  • Zero setup

    Save valuable time usually wasted on prerequisite installations and immediately start your training. Everything the trainee needs comes pre-installed on the environment.

  • Streamlined

    Never worry about the OS version your students are running or what ports they have open. Rest assured that everyone is using exactly the same practice environment.

  • Collaborative

    A trainee having a problem with an exercise? No problem! Instant real-time collaboration over the environments is available and requires no additional tools.

  • Configurable

    Set up your virtual machine with your training stack or use our pre-configured ones.

An integral part of the training experience

The practice environments stand in the heart of Strigo and make it suitable for conducting hands-on training. The combination of these environments with the surrounding communication layer makes delivering training with Strigo a unique experience.

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