The easiest way to deliver your hands-on training sessions

  • Work with live labs

    Streamline students environments by giving your students access to cloud-based training labs and skip the setup hassle.

  • Collaborate with a click

    Monitor your students’ progress or dive in to collaboratively troubleshoot a problem.

  • Use fewer tools

    A single training environment, that let’s you easily switch between lecture and lab exercises.

  • Avoid annoying blockers

    Direct access to the lab via standard web ports means you can forget about annoying firewalls and blocked ports.

"The platform itself is a pleasure to use. Students can just do the exercises I gave them at their own comfortable pace, and I can check in on them with a click to see how they are doing and assist them if necessary."

Mike Weilgart Vertical Sysadmin, Inc.

Build and deliver hands-on courses and workshops

  • Build your courses

    Add your training materials and create your own training experiences.

  • Set up live training labs

    Streamline your students environments with cloud-based labs.

  • Deliver your training

    Engage your students in a feature-packed live classroom environment.

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