Education for the entire customer journey

Do your customers really know how to use your product?

Do your customers really know how to use your product?

Only in-product learning will ensure that they really do!

Only in-product learning will ensure that they really do

Ensure your customers’ success… and yours!

Improve product adoption

Improve product adoption

You will quickly gain productive users as they interact with highly engaging hands-on experiences in the product, covering both the theoretical ‘whys’ and practical ‘hows’.
Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

Your customers will actually enjoy learning more about your product with rich training content that is available in-product, exactly when and where they need it the most.
Speed up course completion

Speed up course completion

More and more users will go through structured in-product training courses that provide everything they need in order to learn about your product all on their own.
Improve customer retention

Improve customer retention

By providing personalized product education to your entire user base, customers will be able to gain maximum value out of your product, greatly improving their lifetime value.
Rocio Diskin

Strigo's powerful product education platform has helped us scale our training program throughout our fast growth, empowering us to continually drive high customer engagement.

Rocio Diskin,
Sr. Global Education Operations Manager
Strigo academy
Strigo Academy

The power of
in-product education.

Improve learner engagement and product adoption with hands-on learning experiences that happen in your product.

Customer education belongs in your product
Product-led Education

Customer education belongs in your product.

Discover a new approach to ensuring that all your customers are able to gain the most value out of your product.

Product education has evolved.

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