List of Sub-Processors

Last Updated: September 20 2021

On this page, we maintain a current list of Sub-processors authorized to process customer data, in order to provide Strigo’s solution in accordance with the applicable services required. Strigo uses the following Sub-processors for hosting and providing the Strigo solution.

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Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Cloud Service Provider

MongoDB Inc.

Cloud Storage Services

Intercom, Inc.

Customer Support Services, Inc. (Twilio)

Business Analytics

Stitch Inc.

Business Analytics

Elasticsearch B.V.

Logging Services

Mailgun Technologies, Inc.

Email Notification Services 

Fullstory, Inc.

Usability Services

Google, Inc.

Email Interaction

Nexmo Inc.

Audio/Video Services


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The list of Sub-processors Strigo engages may change from time to time as the Strigo's solution keeps evolving. We advise to check this page regularly and to subscribe to receive automated email notifications on proposed new, or replacement of existing Sub-processors.



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